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Friday, April 15, 2011

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Dear Nuffnanger,

We hope you're having a great week so far, and we're about to bring you some good news! :)

We're sure you've heard or seen the birdie before; maybe you've noticed it on the bar on top of the page when you log in asking you to link your Nuffnang & Churp Churp accounts? If you've already linked your accounts, good for you! :D If you have yet to do so, there's no time like now to sign up and link your accounts because there is already one campaign awaiting you, and you could get rewarded for sharing this news with your friends!

If you have children, find out what fits your child's mood today and look out for the new lovable characters every 2 weeks that might just fit your kid every now and then. Also, get exclusive NESTLÉ Junior Club Goodies when you or your friend joins as a member now and if your child is aged 6-8 months old, get a free sample of NESTLÉ CERELAC! Otherwise, you can also share this with your friends who have kids :)
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Happy sharing and have a good day!

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